Monetize Content By Shoppable Experience 

 We transform every article into a profitable e-commerce site

How it works

Adding the Gizzmo widget to the publisher's article creates an opportunity to purchase without leaving the platform that a customer already uses.

Understanding the text

Our powerful AI engine analyzes the content in the article, taking into account the main subject,  complexity, and the writer's tone. We understand all types of content, including text, video, and audio, in 12 languages.


We scan over 250 million products and services daily and locate the perfect match. By using an internal scoring method, the algorithm builds a list of recommendations for the users. This list is updated daily to provide reliable results.


 Shoppable experience

A customer journey goes through reading professional reviews and survey articles. Along with this, they now expect shoppability at the touch of a button. BEZO was created to fulfill this expectation. 


key features

Content analysis

Contextual analysis is used in advertising to add relevant advertisements to web pages that feature content regarding that subject. For example, a shoe brand should have an ad for basketball shoes on a blog covering basketball shoe Reviews.

Automatic affiliation

BEZO is a fully automated suite of affiliate marketing tools to help you increase conversions and revenue on your site. Our algorithm does everything automatically so that you do not have to.


 We display each URL, image, name, group, and how many links appear across your site. Along with revenue reports, you get a full status 24/7.

Dynamic Optimization

Easy Implementation

We improve your yield by introducing competition between different sellers. Our system automatically optimizes and serves the product that’s likely to perform the best with your audience.

It’s never been easier to integrate eCommerce into existing digital content or create a shop from scratch.

Anti-fraud protection

Automatic block any bot or suspicious activity, providing only real users and a live audience for your campaigns.

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